Borderland New

2018 Ronin Rhythm Records

A record that reimagines the relationship between the piano and a set of drums and proposes a unique musical vernacular, one that fuses these two distinctly percussive instruments into an expansive, droning, polyrhythmic tapestry.



2014 Traumton Records

Because the title track on this album sounds like a bunch of snakes and a big anthill, Hely's second album is called Jangal, which means "Jungle" in Farsi. The music on this record contains a characteristic, multifaceted sound, virulent rhythmic flows and euphoric improvisation, echoes of minimalism and intensifying staccati, powerful dynamics and trance-like atmosphere.



2011 Traumton Records

The debut album Rapture displayes the exciting starting point. It's an encounter of African drum music, the harmonics of Claude Debussy, the energy of Rage against the machine, the ambient of William Basinski, the melancholy of Radiohead and Ornette Colemans joy of playing.