Hely is Lucca Fries (piano) and Jonas Ruther (drums), from Zurich, Switzerland. Listening to their music is a trance inducing experience where multi-directional beats fuse with post-romantic and minimalistic sensibilities. They craft sonic spaces out of staccato piano riffs and ecstatic waves of percussion, last heard on their record «Borderland» that was released on Ronin Rhythm Records. Over a decade of band history with concert tours in Europe, Russia and India provides the foundation for their immersive live performances.

«Seriously hypnotic music.»
Dave Summer, www.birdistheworm.com (US)

«Over an hour of addiction ensues and further cravings to return to this minimalistic music will never leave you.»
Andrew Halley, www.theprogressiveaspect.net (UK)

«Was dieses akustische Duo an Klangintensität schafft, ist aussergewöhnlich.»
Frank von Niederhäusern, Kulturtipp

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